Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security (fieldlabs)

'polygroundThe Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security (DITSS) focuses on technological and social innovation in the fields of Security & Safety in a social context. These innovations originate from the top technology of the knowledge institutes and companies in South East Brabant and from social innovation, the main strength of Central Brabant.

The government, businesses, knowledge institutes and educational institutes are all involved in safety in different ways and with different levels of responsibility. Oftentimes, solutions for safety issues can be found in technological developments, yet require insights and involvement from social and behavioural sciences.

LivingLabs are the testing grounds of DITSS where the parties collaborate to realise the best possible development of knowledge and the most effective solutions. These solutions are implemented and tested against social and legal demands, thus creating proven, new applications as well as business opportunities for companies participating in these projects.