Municipality of Eindhoven

'polygroundFor the municipality Eindhoven, safety and security in entertainment areas are very important issues. Having fun, feeling pleasant and safe are main keywords in those territories. At the Stratumseind in Eindhoven, a relatively small but very busy entertainment street with many bars, quality of secure amusement, pleasure and recreation for mainly youngsters is topic number one.

Eindhoven has designated Stratumseind as LivingLab, and fitted it with numerous non-privacy invading sensors to inspire and facilitate social innovation, and to monitor the effect of innovative interventions. De-escalate is the first large and scientifically founded project geared to increasing quality of life in this area, with preventive and reactive light scenarios. The local government is optimistic and full of trust that De-escalate will bring the answer for positive behaviour amongst adolescents in recreation areas such as Stratumseind.