'polygroundPolyground - Solutions for urban challenges. Polyground is a social organisation, specialized in initiating and accompanying public-private partnerships. Through our expertise, experience and enthusiasm, we engage stakeholders in goal-directed collaboration, geared towards numerous societal challenges including safety, quality of life, neighbourhood improvement and regional management.

More and more, the public cause requires a joint approach and shared responsibilities. This pertains to public participation of citizens as well as ‘vital coalitions’ in which government, civilians, entrepreneurs and social institutions collaborate. Based on our expertise in policy and operations, we advise governmental parties in initiating new and innovative partnerships. In De-escalate, Polyground coordinates and facilitates the interactions between university, government, and the entrepreneurs on Stratumseind in a joint effort to improve safety, atmosphere, and commerce.

Escolha. Hoje o entretenimento online não é apenas caça-níqueis, mas também roleta, jogos de cartas, loteria e muito mais, que tipo de entretenimento você prefere? Jogos grátis. A possibilidade de jogar de graça é uma grande oportunidade para aqueles que, por vários motivos, estão sem dinheiro. A possibilidade de jogo livre é de particular importância para quem deseja experimentar novas máquinas, melhorar a estratégia do jogo e . Atualizações. Os desenvolvedores de software atualizam e melhoram os jogos regularmente, seu objetivo final é atender plenamente às necessidades do jogador. Às vezes, os desenvolvedores têm muita dificuldade, mas seremos capazes de avaliar sua qualidade de trabalho jogando em um de nossos cassinos online favoritos. Ao decidir jogar em um cassino online, todo mundo, sem dúvida, espera ganhar. Que seja mesmo uma esperança fantasmagórica, que seja mesmo um pequeno prêmio, mesmo que não imediatamente, mas ganhe. Todo mundo quer tentar a sorte, tentar calcular opções, sentir uma onda de adrenalina no sangue.

The Lux Lab

het lux labTHE LUX LAB designs lighting solutions for both interiors and outdoor situations.

Light is a means of designing, thanks to light we experience our environment. The lighting color and the way it impacts on the retina define our perception of space. The Lux Lab wants to improve the perception of space, where possible with daylight, but if necessary with artificial lighting. We strive to implement refreshingly innovative, yet reliable, solutions. Applications could be a town square or long term cultural heritage, or a brief event highlighting ambiance and a night view. We aim at being original, inventive and sustainable for permanent solutions, while frivolous and experimental in temporary lighting events, with the urge to learn more about light and its numerous applications always in mind.

Above all we want to surprise by applying light as an intangible building material to create a living environment.

Human-Technology Interaction

'human-technology interactionHuman-Technology Interaction (HTI): Research and Education in a changing world

Our mission is to perform fundamental research on human-technology interaction, particularly with respect to communication and information and in regard to the promotion of more sustainable performance of individuals. The HTI group is part of the School of Innovation Sciences, TU/e.

With a solid psychological foundation and located and connected with the technical departments at Eindhoven University of Technology, the HTI group is at the cutting edge of user-system interaction research. The two PhD students and their supervisors work in HTI.

ILI LightHouse

'lighthouseLightHouse was founded to disclose the knowledge of the research programs of the Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI) for society. We execute knowledge intensive projects starting from needs or questions from society and organisations. We apply the knowledge, methods and designs from ILI in practical applications and viable, sustainable lighting solutions. We add value to ILI by bringing in best practices and societal needs to inspire new research and education programs.

Police district Zuid-Oost Brabant

'politieAlthough not formally a partner in the De-escalate project, Police district Zuid-Oost Brabant take an advisory role in the development and testing of light scenarios for de-escalation on Stratumseind.